Tutorial and Layout

I’m trying to use the editor for the first time. It brings my attention to the tutorials so I’m attempting to go through them. In the 1st tutorial for blueprints when making an actor (brazier) the tutorial pop-over window is constantly in the way of seeing how to use the tools it is instructing you to manage. It would be great if this thing was move-able and not locked inside its child container.

Also when trying to manage the tool areas initially it is far too clumsy. The “content browser” is in the way and sure you can resize it a bit but why can’t you just pin/unpin/auto-hide something like this. Then you start looking at the “modes” panel and the layout makes it difficult to actually have open in a minimal way… use a dropdown for Pete’s sakes, and add auto-hide.

I’ve moved stuff around a bit more but this editor “out of the box” is not a good time. It does look nice and well done functionally though… UI hmmm we’ll see.