Tutorial about making FPS player from scratch ?

I just need to make a very basic player, without body (but with some rudimentary view weapon I can shoot projectiles from; it should be invisible in-game), with first person camera for mobile VR scene. Simple collision capsule.

Player should be controlled with gamepad’s (Android bluetooth) left stick as forward/back and move left/right (sidestep). Right stick should be inactive. No acceleration / deceleration in movement. Always constant linear velocity. Looking around would be done by user looking around in HMD.

Is there a tutorial about making such FPS player actor/controller(?) from scratch ?

All of which you describe is pretty much just the default FPS template with some simple edits.

And there is nothing in player’s controller from FPS template that can bog down performance in Gear VR ?


The template is an extremely barebones setup, it pretty much just contains a character with movement, and a gun that can shoot projectiles, but you can remove the gun and arm mesh and still keep the functionality.

If you need something simple then look at the templates or the Shooter Game, if you need something better there are nothing good, is sad but you should need check the UT source code, because is the only one with true multiplayer and other today basic concepts to create a decent FPS.

That one are good to use as basic examples.

I don’t really want to mess with UT as I’d rather stick with stock UE4.

I glanced over that ShooterTutorial website and I don’t see much about getting into the basics there :frowning: Seems like all advanced FPS stuff.