[Tutorial] 8 Bit Post Process Material

Hi everyone,
i want to share my 8 Bit Post Process Material.

If somebody dont know how to create a Post Process Material please read the docs.

8 bits per channel -> 3 bits for red, 3 bits for green and 2 bits for blue

low resolution effect (two Versions)

fixed horizontal resolution

fixed vertical resolution

turn off anti aliasing

and here is the entire Post Process Material


Wow… Really awesome :slight_smile:

Gonna test it in Realistic Room :smiley:

That is really cool!

Thank you!

Thanks man!

A small update for those who will read this topic.

If you want the pixel size to not change when the viewport size changes, you can do this:
(The value of the Scene Tiling is responsible for the size of the pixels)

By changing the Color Steps you can adjust the number of colors on the screen: