Tutor for Unreal 4 C++ programmer

I have been working in Unity for 3 years and I am moving on to Unreal. I am in need to fully understand how to use the C++ side of unreal to create classes such as:

  • How to generate classes with parameters, spheres with colors, shapes, components, etc. (This is for procedural generation)
  • How to create visual effects ‘post process’ for things like depth of field in C++ or psudo blueprints.
  • How to fully understand pointers and when to use them for Unreal. (C# has been too good to me when dealing with pointers)
  • Full in depth knowledge of why and what and when to use blueprints in conjunction with C++ classes.
  • More advanced techniques for unreal 4 that I cannot find easy answers for online.

I would like to try and stay away from blueprints, so I am not looking for a blue print programmer.

This is a paid position by the hour and will be paid out in CAD ‘Canadian’ One thing I do ask is that you come prepared with something that could teach me as opposed to just ‘winging’ it when we are talking. I learn by examples and would appreciate something that could teach me the above questions I have.
The rate and how many hours I will need will decide on the candidate after seeing their work and how well they are able to teach. As long as there is something that you can teach me we can work together.

The hourly rate will be between $13-$20 Canadian so please feel free to email me for more info or if you think this is something you are interested in.

To Apply
Send some project C++ code
Portfolio a plus.

Hey there, just wanted to note that your offered rate is rather low for what requires an experienced C++ programmer and skilled tutor in one. CS students make more in 2nd year in their studies, for reference. Just my two cents, I hope you find your guy.

Computer Programmer Salary in Canada | PayScale
I don’t know what you’re talking about. I make a little over that and I am second year working in the industry, it’s not like I am low balling anyone or trying to mess with anyone. Not everyone has a 2nd year job and I don’t have a ton of cash to toss around to people I don’t know their skills. Fairly rude of you to call me out like that. :confused: Also, it’s not like I am asking for a 10 year c++ wizard, the stuff I am asking is first year at most…

It’s more than people on the forum generally offer, but a full time programmer job would pay more than that. For example, you could make about that much working at Wal-Mart. You can probably still find someone for it, since like I said people on the forum offer very little if anything.

I don’t think people at Walmart make $20 an hour and I am not offering a full time position, nor benefits, nor stock payment plans or my first daughter.
To be honest I am offering a very good price dependent on how well they are able to work with me. Also, at least I am giving back to the community instead of just spamming all my questions on here. (That I could do if I wanted to)

Well, as a blueprint tutor I will just say that it is very unwise to learn just C++, blueprints are more often than not much quicker and much more effective at achieving the result you want, and can save you a lot of time and effort. < Just my input.

Guys, I really don’t know why people are just ripping everything the can apart on this… I understand blueprints I know how to use them, there are million of blueprint tutorials online I can watch or have watched. Also I am an actual good programmer, I don’t know if you can tell by my Email. I know what I would like to be tutored on, I know how much money I am paying but with all due respect unless you would like to help with tutoring I have everything under control. I don’t find it helpful being told what I am doing wrong by everyone…

Geez guys, lay off a bit x)
If you dont want the job just don’t do it

My Experience on unreal forums, is now everyone makes a billion an hour. I should be ashamed that I am not paying out a +10 year computer engineers salary, seeing how the workload I am giving is that of a engineer position. I know nothing about what I am learning or what I want from Unreal and should just go jump off a bridge…

I am sorry I am such a ****** person.

Hey there,

Sent you an email. =)

Personally if I were you I think learning on your own may be one of the best decisions because people will teach you how they learned, which if it helps. If you don’t already understand C++ alone I do not recommend that you jump into it using Unreal just yet. If someone you are hiring can teach you the language itself in the process that would be alright. Now I don’t see any reason for anyone to complain about you payment choice by the hour because if you are willing to pay maybe 18 an hour that’s a pretty good deal considering how many hours they are given. However you should consider letting them make a lesson plan and as a teacher they have the responsibility to keep those lesson plans/lectures within a reasonable hour by the subject(s).

I wouldn’t expect them to be full time, and that’s what most people I think are assuming about your request and that doesn’t seem to be case.

jesus what happened in this thread why is everyone attacking him?! i73 try contacting rama, he offers tutoring and is a master of UE4 if you ask me

heres his thread:

$13-$20 Canadian is $9.77-$15.02 U.S. I worked at Wal-Mart in High School and started at $11.70 U.S.
A junior programmer would start out higher, more than $20 U.S.

Not to say what you’re offering is wrong, someone will still probably do it because it’s not terrible pay, but it’s not quite what someone would be making in a real job if you wanted to compare it to that. Which is what NisshokuZK was saying.

Hey there i73, it was never my intention to imply you’re trying to lowball anyone. After all that issue would resolve itself!

In my experience this is true and they also know it which is why I wanted to point that out.

You are welcome to though, I don’t think anyone has issue with that and I try to help as well.

Yes Rama is a great C++ programmer, he gets things done.

Bumping, found someone but on the other side of the world but now still looking.