Tutor / Assistant Developer

Talent Required:
Tutor / Assistant Developer
Looking for someone who will be available a few hours for every (or bi-weekly depending on cost) Saturdays and possibly evenings of Sunday to sit in and assist with development for a project I’ve had in limbo for some time. I’m an experienced developer for web and software projects, unfortunately, when it comes to games it’s a different story and I’m not sure why lol (maybe I lack experience with this engine)… I have knowledge in a handful of languages so I don’t need to learn code but rather how to put things together properly. This project most likely needs to be scrapped and restarted to ensure things are done right for easy maintenance in the future. So here’s what I need from you;

  • Someone who has experience with architecting & developing. For example; developing an AI ped we’ll need to ideally create one blueprint which will then have the possibility to spawn in different ped models from a pool of peds (which we can add additional any time through packs or user content) without creating multiple blueprints for each ped model.
  • Developing in C++ & Blueprint experience.
  • Ability to join in screen sharing & use Webex.
  • Knowledge of project life cycle.

Inbox this account

If you’re interested please reach out to me via inbox preferably with a showcase/portfolio & your cost per hour.

Hi Gucci_Snack

I’m presently my unreal trainer certification. I have passed all the theory all I need to do is submit my course outline and video footage of teaching lessons. In order to prepare for this I was hoping to get more direct training experience.

To get this experience I was hoping on getting a few students and only charging them $5 an hour, then do the tutoring over the internet whilst we are in lock down. My portfolio is a little small at the moment but here is a video of asset for the market place I’m working on a factory set:
And a quick level building tool plugin:

If your interested please drop me a line.