Tuto : how to add ocean tide to your map

Here is a tutorial to make the water move up and down in your map, like in my mod OceanTide

The tuto is almost finished, I just have to add more details if needed.

Please have a look at the source here :

  1. Locate your PhysicsVolumes and get their Z location :

To do that, edit->copy a PhysicsVolume that is a part of the Ocean…


… and paste in a text editor.


Please note the Z value in the line RelativeLocation, it will be base offset for this Volumes.

/!\ Make sure all your PhysicsVolumes are MOVABLE in the detail panel, NOT STATIC, or they will never move. /!\

  1. Do the same for WaterPlane

  2. Do the same for PostProcessing Volume

  3. Modify main blueprint code :

Here is the EventGraph : When the game begins, identify all Volumes and waterplane that compose your ocean, to store their reference, then set a timer that repetitively execute the function “Move_ocean”.


and the detail of its related functions


You will also need to add 4 variables : an array of strings to store the names of your PhysicsVolumes, waterPlaneActor, water_postprocessing_actor, and an array to store all your volumes reference for fast access.


Please have a look at the source here :

I’m sure a lot of people will find this helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Wow, thanks, I love the tide mod and was wondering how this worked. I’m definitely gonna add it to my maps :slight_smile:

BTW, whats the advantage/disadvantage to using this code in my map vs using your mod instead?

You can only use my mod on TheIsland map, because your map uses certainly differents PhysicsVolumes. You have to adapt the string array with the names of your Volumes.