Turret Rotation. Help is needed. All is correct but does not work.

It is necessary that AI turned the top turret to me, that is, the screen, the rotation should be relative to the body and not the world.

Where is the mistake? Help.

I am unable to get the turret to rotate to player. It either rotates in opposite direction or completely flips out rotating between the two angles pictured, but in a buggy jerky way…

Use the FindLookAtRotation node in Blueprint. Through away the z axis of the result and lerp to the rotation.

No dice. All it does it rotate away from the player at best. Here is the logic and the picture of when it is doing

This is the original nodes below… The turrets above is the result

unable to get the turret to rotate to player

Here’s a bunch of turrets looking at the player:

As a bonus, you get to restrict their angle.

This is as close as I have gotten so far. When the game starts, the player is right in the path of the turret. But as the player moves around the camera still rotates away from the player instead of tracking the player. I tried all the steps in the links provided but at best this is what I get.

This is from a distance when the game starts…

This is both turrets up close (enough to see them both in the shot,) if I step between the turrets, they both face away.

What steps? There are no steps. Can you show the script you copied? What you’re showing here looks exactly like what you had before…

the camera still rotates away from the player instead of tracking the player.

Camera? Isn’t this about turrets?

I meant turrets, not cameras.
This is what happened when I tried the script from the link…

This is the script that I tried from the link…

Better shots of the script…

Can you show the component hierarchy? This thing relies on the turret having a base.

There’s a little pic in the thread showing how it’s built. How similar is it to yours?

I built it the exact same way.

But I think I fixed the problem. I used a simple function to test it and once I switched the Start and Target inputs on the Find Look At Rotation node, the cameras are now facing the correct direction.