Turret problem simple but im stupid :P

Lol hi guys so i have a character blueprint .It does not need movement only rotation . I have an arrow called spawn point and when left mouse button is clicked it spawns a cannon ball at that location …Easy enough …However although i have done this a million times before i cannot for the life of me get the bullet to travel in the direction that the character is facing …My bullet uses projectile movement component . i cannot show my cannonball bp as i deleted it … I have tried casting to the player and getting the forward vector but it does not work … I cant remembr why i used character rather than pawn but . it is what it is …

Ok so i now have the bullet spawning at the right point and in the right direction but it simply falls to the floor… i have set my initial and max speed to ridiculously high levels and the bullet still does not move

check if its hitting something…

First off i thought omg i am so stupid …Because you were correct it was hitting something …However i moved the player to an area totally free of obstructions and it now kinda works… Except The cannon ball spawns in the right direction but at a very low speed …it simply rolls away … I have set the the initial and max speeds up high and It makes no difference …Unless i set it to something stupid like 3 million Then the cannonball simply vanishes . I am using 4.18 for this project .

set the x under the velocity section too!

Yh i noticed that isnt checked in this picture but it was and it still didnt work. I am all out of ideas lol This is the file if anyone wants to take a look . I was only trying something out anyway i have a main project .But kinda annoyed this is not working

Scratch that guys its working now …Thank you iamjohngalt

i gotcha covered, go visit my youtube page it has some handy info’s