Turret LOCAL rotation problem

Hi, I have created a turret blueprint which aquires a target and aims and fires.

The problem is I need to turret to be able to be placed on a ship AT ANY ANGLE and still be able to aim!

Currently if the turret is placed in the level and NOT rotated it behaves fine.

But the moment i rotate one, boom, everyhing goes haywire.

Hi, did you ever figure this issue out? I’m working on the same kind of thing.

I have exactly problem, all tutorials I found are use “Find Look at Rotation” and “SetWorldRotation” which is only suitable for turret with zero angle on all axis.

Sorry in advance for not posting pictures due to lack of access to the editor.
Try the following:
Inverse transform direction
Get turret actor transform → transform output->
Look at rotation->getXVecor->direction

output->make rotation from x-> set component space rotationot.