Turrent aims on enemy setup

Hey guys,
i’am trying to Set up a Turrent witch shoots on a enemy Actor following this Tutorial: UE4 Turret Tutorial Part 2 - Multiple Targets - YouTube

Whatched it many many times and it all seems be correct, but when i play the Simulation the Turrents dont react to my Enemy Actor :frowning:

The Strage ist too that i´ve turned all collision off (without the Turrent) but the Enemy still blocks my Char.

Need helf please

Hi @ParkerHD
your char use any kind of linetrace or boxtrace by channel visibility?
i am not sure but probably you can still have "visibility hit "

Split up the problem in minor steps, and check , adding some print string .
for example,
The turrett - on component begin overlap is fired ?
the cast to enemyy , fail ?
the turrett behaviour works fine?
if you manually give hiim a target it moves?

Try to define a smaller problem

Ah nice idea, i figured out that the Overlap Event dont reacts at all
But i´ve made a new collisiongroup for this case.
i dont use any linetrace or boxtrace by channel as far as i know.

Setted it to overlap all.
Don´t have a idea why the collisongroups dont work but its fine this way too.
Thanks @Est_engine u are my man