Turntable for Character models

Hi, I want to create a turn-table to render my character models within UE4 and then I need to record those animations so I can publish them on my portfolio.

Can anybody give me some tips on this?

most likely best to use a blueprint to set all the parts up, then add the character/Skeletalmesh as a componant

that way you only need to change the mesh when you do a new one

is a simple guide for using timelines which you can loop if needed

ok I figured out that I need to play the matinee from the levelBP, is there an easy way to make a nice circular camera track? someone suggested I parent the camera to an object at the center and then rotate that with the camera and it’s offset following that but I’m not sure how to get that to work in matinee yet. Other good news is that I found the output AVI files from clicking the movie button, so really all I need right now is a smooth camera track.

ok thats not really a turntable you want ! , ok you could try using a closed spline for the camera but not sure if that would work ,