Turning on/off a light from another blueprint

I feel stupid for asking this but I just cannot get anything to work. I have a fluorescent light blueprint (BP_FluorescentLight) that has many variables in it to control light intensity, color, visibility, etc. I also have a push button box blueprint (BP_PB_Box01) with various buttons that can be interacted with ray trace. I need to be able to communicate from the button to the light to toggle visibility. When I press Button 1 on BP_PB_Box01 I need it to turn off the light on BP_FluorescentLight. What is the best way to communicate between the two?

Figured it out. In the button blueprint create an actor variable and make it editable and compile. In the details panel for the click on the eyedropper for the actor reference and click on the actor (Light) you want to communicate with. Inside the Button blueprint drag that (Light) reference out and use it as a reference to cast to the (Light) blueprint. You can then drag off of the cast to execute events inside the (Light) blueprint you are communicating with.