Turning left & right in place with addactorlocalrotation

I have a problem in my VR FPS when turning left and right the character seems to turn in a circle rather than in place. Also when I do turn, it goes through all collisions. There must be a better function to call but I have tried it with world rotation as well and it does the same thing. Anyone have any ideas of a better way to turn?

Regarding the center of rotation (pivot point) note that local rotation means that your pivot point will be the center of blueprint (this works for components). but if you do add to actor local rotation in the world on a blueprint itself, it does not simply add to its rotation. instead, it rotates it with regard to its current local coordinates.

So, if the actor is currently rotated its axis will be considered to account for the future add location rotation. this is very important to take into account.

here is a good and quick tutorial WTF Is? Add Actor Local Rotation in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube

use the abs node on your axis value if you want to just have one input node.