Turning a C++ project into a BP only project

I have some BPs that derive from C++ classes, I’m wondering how to properly make my project into a BP only project? Can I just redo the class functions in a new BP and re-parent my child BPs to that? I understand there will naturally be some rework in those child BPs, but I’m mainly wondering if this should work? After that’s done for all C++ classes how do I ensure UE understand my project is a BP only project so that I can e.g launch to an iPhone device from windows?


You can go from BP to C++ without too much craziness, but you can’t do the reverse. You basically have two options:

1.) Redo everything from a BP only Project (so you don’t bring in any custom classes, etc).
2.) Get a Mac Mini or something and compile for your iPhone (which you’ll have to do eventually when you publish the game - because Apple is Apple).

Was hoping that wouldn’t be the answer but it’s not a huge deal - thanks, at least now I know what’s ahead! :slight_smile: