Turning a bone weapon into a throwable

I’m using Kwang from the paragon assets. I want to use his ability where he throws the sword in the air and it lands. The animation begins the sword throw. However, I’m not sure where to go from there. How would I got about finishing the animation? do I have to import and rip the weapon from the character? or is there a way to convert the weapon out of the bone into a mesh?

This can be closed. I just ripped the weapon in blender and went from there.

You could have used parameters and break bones in a PHAT asset, but separating from the start is always better.

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I’m actually trying to do the same thing that the OP was; re-creating Kwang’s sword-throwing. However, I’m not well-versed in modeling programs like Blender and would like to try your method. How would I go about using parameters and the Physics Asset Tool to accomplish this?

My searches have turned up a severe lack of information on how to separate bones in skeletal meshes.

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Thanks for letting me know about this node! But how do I reattach a bone after breaking the constraint? I’m not seeing any counterpart nodes to Break Constraint, and some of stuff I’ve seen in searches is unclear…deals more with the PhysicsConstraint component.

EDIT: I’ve discovered that setting Simulate Physics to False resets the sword, but its constraint cannot be broken a second time.

I don’t think its an intended blueprint function. You’d have to do it in c++.
An alternative may be to remove and re-add the skeletal mesh, but it gets even more complex.

You can throw a socket on the bone and reattach to the socket. But you can’t break constraint again, you then have to detach/attach.
I would do that after making the weapon bone in the skeleton never be attached…
And only whn physics need simulating. If they don’t, then its assumes that the weapon is animated and following the bone motion.

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You’re right, that does sound pretty complex :sweat_smile: I eventually gave up and did what the other user did; exporting the skeletal mesh into Blender and separating the weapon, so it could be imported back in as its own static mesh.

Thank you for the insight!

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