Turn vehicle like a tank

I’m currently trying to create a simple catapult.

I used the wheeled vehicle component to make it drivable. But my catapult doesn’t have any suspensions, so I put in wheel blueprints and set the steering angle to 0.

I’d like to make it able to rotate, for example by turning the right side wheels forward and the left side wheels backwards. I managed to fake this by rotating the whole object using AddActorLocalRotation (which only worked with “Teleport” being true), but this leaves the wheels untouched, they just don’t move when I rotate.

Is it possible to do all this rotation using the wheeled vehicle component? That would be a much more elegant way…

If not, and I have to fake it, how can I rotate single bones like a single wheel using inputs and blueprints?

Could it be, that I’d even need to make a new vehicle component in order to make this possible?

I saw some neat UE4 tank driving videos like this here:
Do you think he’s only moving the tank and “faking” the rails afterwards?
If not, are there any tutorials for this?

Also, when I say fake, I mean something like this:
where he’s really only moving the tank and faking all the details to make it look real.

Thanks in advance!

After using this plugin, you will find it esay to reach your goal.
I have finished the tank of M1 just as the video shows, the plugin is wonderful!

Hum… I actually don’t like using plugins and stuff but I’m going to take a look at this.

Thanks for your help, the image you provided looks amazing!