Turn, Start, Move, Stop, Jump AnimBP Help!

How can I set up all these animations, (with aim offsets) , in Anim Event Graph and Anim Graph?

Turn is stationary, 45 degree increments

Start, 45 degree increments

Move, FR, FL, F, L, R, BR, BL, B

Stop, 45 degree increments

Jump, 45 degree increments

45 degree increments means FLBR 45, 90, 135 AND 180, but ALSO includes plain L and R

Character setup

this tutorial series covers some of those things that you need (in five parts)

That does not answer anything, he uses 1D blend space I need one to utilize many more animations.
The list above has somewhere around 300 animations silly.

Can you tell me how to implement

inside one blend space for movements?

This is something he does not do,
Also I need turns 45 90 135 180 L R
Jumps the same ^
Etc. look at the whole list of anims

for 2D blend space

Nope, where is the FR FL BR BL animation in this 2D blend Space?

They are there in his blend space. He blended 4 different animation(forward. Backward. Right and left) so when you go forward and right that is FR is not it?

He doesn’t put an animation slot for it though. There would be no space on his blend space for it anyway. It is different than just seeing it being blended from F L on the BS, the animation is a lot more thorough.

you are looking for something like this [][1] which is hard to implement.

I do not know how to !


Yes but he has one start animation that plays when moving in any direction, I have one for 45 90 135 and 180 not just forward…
Any ideas on this?

Might you have a BP example?

I think for the moment I will have to forget about FR FL BR and BL animations…they are different animations than what the blendspace will blend to…which is the point of them.

However blendspace will have to do. I don’t think it is possible since if they play the controller would have to tell the player to move at different angles than what the player would spit out.

I think you should compare the character rotation with controller rotation and calculate the angel between them and if it is 35 or a bit less or more play 35 turn animation.

I am not sure if it works but give it a try:

get rotation>get forward vector>normalize> (do this for both control rotation and character rotation)

now you have two normalized vectors and you can get the angel between them using dot product

print that number which is a float on screen and see if you can use it.

the forward of controller is along camera direction and and forward of character would be the direction which your character is facing so there is an angel between them