Turn right movement disabled when using sprint

I added a new sprint system (with animations) to my character and I used shift as my sprint key. I noticed that I can move in all directions except for the forward + turn right movement which is Shift + W + D. I can turn right with Shift + D but I can’t do Shift + W + D. I checked my Blendspace and everything was correct.

BTW I just can’t do Shift + W + D, I can do Shift + W + A.

Thanks for your help.

It really is my keyboard! I tried the same keyboard combination in Roblox and it didn’t work, Thanks for your help.

Glad you figured it out! I converted my comment to an answer. please mark it as Accepted so others with the same problem can find this thread easier.

It could be a limitation of the standard PC keyboard. Some key combinations just won’t register.
For example I can never get Shift + C + W+ D to work. But I usually can get Shift + W + D to work so maybe it’s something else. Does that key combination work in other games? Try it in another game you have bought and played and know it works well, just change your keys to work that way in that game’s control configuration screen. Then if it works there, you know it’s not your keyboard’s fault, it is your code. If it is your code, post some screenshots of the code that does this and any other code that uses Shift button, A, or W or D, and your input mappings and maybe we can find the problem.