Turn Player With Mouse

I want to turn my player with mouse in default options my character will turn with mouse when he is running but while standing he is not turning i want to do turn my character while he is standing and running same time and i want to turn my character up and down too for third person shooting

Its spelled “Mouse”

Check out First Person template, perfect if you want to make an FPS shooting game.

Sorry my game is not fps its third person shooting game i already know a bit of fps but not third person shooting very well can you give me a link that i can look

Hi tranduil,

We have some great tutorials available for setting up a 3rd person game, as well as a Third Person Blueprint template project to work with. Here’s some links to tutorials:

This one goes over mouse and keyboard controls for a Third Person Character:

Which is part of a larger tutorial series here:

Hope that helps get you started!