turn off visual spam? blueprints ect


just downloading the latest preview, i rarely use ue4 because basically its unpleasant to use.
so to try and make it slightly more user friendly for myself in at least 1 aspect, id like to have a go at turning off all those flashing lights and unnecessary visual clutter in the blueprint editor for a start. (windows vista lasted all of 2 days on my pc before it was replaced, blueprints give me the same feeling)

before i start randomly trying things and breaking everything, has anyone done this before?
anyone any ideas where to start looking in the source?
is there even a hidden check-box or something that does this already?


If you’re referring to the startup tutorials, they can be disabled here:


thanks, thats not what i mean though

i mean the flashing pulsing curly connection lines mainly, even the nodes themselves could be toned down a bit.
there is no need for all that fuss, its very off putting when you are working with larger networks.
a simple clean visual style is what im after.

Unfortunately there is currently no officially supported way to adjust the user interface as you’ve described but I’ve passed this along to the developers for consideration. However, other advanced users may have a solution they can post here.

Thanks for your feedback.