Turn off the .gz compression of html5 build

Hello there,
is it possible to create directly an uncompressed version of the HTML5 build? The .gz compression doesn’t work for me (and seems so for other people) when put on FTP server.

It won’t turn off .gz compression, but it’ll will make the game work!
Put this code into your .htaccess file
<files *.gz>
AddType “text/javascript” .gz
AddEncoding gzip .gz

Nice. I will try, thanks for the help. Right now that project is on the shelf though, so I won’t know until few weeks.


If JOhnRose81’s suggestion does not help you, please submit a thread to AnswerHub for further assistance. :slight_smile:

Thank You verry mutch!
So the misinformation comes from the “Readme.txt” inside the packaged project.

Hi :slight_smile:

4.11 seems not to be compressing anymore.
In my case I wish to compress, anyone could tell me how?

Is there a way to generate an uncompressed HTML5 package?