Turn off self-shadow on landscape?

Is is possible to disable self-shadowing on landscape?

Hi stfBlz,

I’ve entered a feature request for this with UE-29134. I’ve seen a few people ask about this over the past month or so.

Thank you!


Thank you!

We are currently trying to use a generated landscape together with a fully dynamically lit world and dynamic shadows. Do you think that removing self-shadowing from the landscape could help us improve performance a bit as well?

I don’t think it’ll be a huge jump in performance or anything, but maybe a bit. It’s not likely that you’ll see the kind of performance gain using a dynamic directional light with shadow casting enabled vs disabled. I think this feature request at least provides more artistic control over the landscapes used though.

As for dynamically lit worlds, keeping the CSM shadow distance to a minimum and using Distance Fields for further distances (like Kite Demo) is the way to go. Dynamic lighting in general is expensive due to CSM taking into account each triangle no matter the screen size, which is why it’s expensive.