Turn off Read-only in Blueprint

Need help, i some how turn of read-only and its not letting me mess with my blueprints at all and if i set them in the world they are invisible or if they are there it wont show when i go into player mode. i believe it was because i some how turned on rea-only in and i can find the button to turn it off.

Are you running the game and trying to edit the blueprints at runtime?


well i closed and reopened and it was go but i was definitely not in-game, but i might have been in simulate. i just accidentally hit a bunch of key by accident and all of a sudden the BPs were saying they were in read only. but maybe thats what it was.

Life can be so simple. Thanks for this!!


thank you for this!


Thanks for the solution from the future (7 years later lol). I didn’t realize my game was running. I thought I broke something.


You still doing unreal after 7 years? jus curious.

Thanks from 8 years into the future