Turn off plugin without running engine

unfortunately I’ve turned on broken plugin for my game and I cannot run my game… When I delete plugin I see error that plugin is needed… How can I remove these plugin from code?

Hmmm you can find something maybe in inis or uproject

Hi kodmistz,

Try this solution:

  1. Go to your .uproject file and right-click it.

  2. Open with: Notepad, etc.

  3. You should see text about the Plugin and it’s set to True.

  4. Change it to False and save the file.

Further to TJ Ballard’s answer, if your plugin isn’t listed in the .uproject file, you can add an entry for it for the purpose of disabling it.

This works great. Is there anyway to remove the plugin?

Hi ,

It depends on the origin of the plugin. If it was created by Epic, it’s best to just disable the plugin if you don’t need it.

If it was a custom plugin you installed, you generally just need to remove the files you placed in the Plugin folder and then remove the text about the plugin from the .uproject file as mentioned above. Here is another post that references this.

Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.