Turn off plugin without running engine

unfortunately I’ve turned on broken plugin for my game and I cannot run my game… When I delete plugin I see error that plugin is needed… How can I remove these plugin from code?


While Jared has a good solution for turning off the plugins if you can open your project.

However, since you do not seem to be able to open your project you can go to your project folder > Right-Click on your .Uproject file > Open with Notepad.

When this opens you should have a list of included plugins that you’ve added.

Find the one that is causing the problem and it should be labeled “True.” Change this to False and save.

This should give you access to your project again.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.

Thank you!



Yes, it works! Thank you :slight_smile:

Tim, my solution does not require you to open your project. I asked this same question a while ago and this was the same resolution, if you follow the link.

Oops! You’re right! I glanced at it and mis-read part of it. sorry about that. Total credit to you, sir! :slight_smile:


Heck yeah, I love credit! :smiley:

Useful tip, thanks guys. I foresee this happening to me again some time when I don’t already have a proper backup. Good to know there’s an easy way to disable the plugin in those cases.

Thanks, this helped.