Turn off location data from images?

Using ground control points and have located quite a few in multiple images but I am getting what seems to be a large position error- is this due to a clash between the rough gps position in the image exif data and the high accuracy positions from the GCPs? If so how do I stop RC from using this data and only rely on the GCP position data? I know in PS you have to do this- turn off locations being used from images.


Hi peterwatson

I will take a look at this and let you informed when I get full info…
I have done some tests but need to confirm them

Hi peterwatson

Select ALL CAMERAS and then change the PRIOR POSE -> from POSITION to UNKNOWN and then you need to realign the project to get them without GCP coordinates.
Take a look at the screenshot…

Screenshot 2016-08-09 20.40.52.png

Ahhhh that’s it!

Errors went from ~150m to 30-50mm (mostly).

Thanks so much.