Turn off collision for a certain area

Hi, I need to be able to turn off collision for a certain area while my player is inside of it. I’m making a sidescroller and there is a windmill that the character can jump onto the blades, however the way I’ve set it up the collision follows the blades and I need them to not have collision when the blade is in front of the windmill body, but have collision when on either side of the windmill body.

Yeah… turn it off with blueprint when the blade is near the door. It’s a relationship between the angle of the blades and the collsions boxes.

Something like that should work, with just one collision node even. I don’t think you need the do once either. I will have a fiddle…

Sorry for not mentioning this. I have set up a collision box that cycles through the 4 collision boxes on the blades and is, in theory, supposed to turn off collision and reenable it when not inside it, but it’s throwing a loop error. If you have a thought of how this can be done better, let me know.

This is enough:

Green is no collision:


Without the code:


Didn’t work :confused: The blades aren’t attached in a blueprint to the windmill body. Also, each blade has it’s own collision box. The character has to traverse up the middle of the windmill body and then be able to jump out onto the blades. It’s a sidescroller, so the blades don’t have any width to them either.

If it helps, this is the error I get. Also the collider to turn off the collision on the blades is another blueprint. I can’t do it in the windmill blades blueprint because they aren’t attached to anything, they’re their own rotating entity. ()They’re hooked up to trigger events like lever pull rotates them, etc.)

For anyone that comes across this, just add a branch at the start of begin and end overlap and set them to true/false based on what you need, then make sure the forloop is going from “completed” to the next step. I feel like a dummy.