Turn off a static light

Hi is there anyway to be able to turn off a static light. You can do it with movable or stationary but I have a house with over 40 lights that all need to be switchable on or off. I’ve looked at all other options but my only option now is to use static lighting so is there anyway to turn off the baked lighting and shadows from a static light?

Not at runtime, no, since the shadows are baked into the scene.

**Static Lights: **

But is there any blueprint hack that could work like loading up a scene without baked lighting? Look at this video of the game Alision Road. There is no way that could have all been movable lights?

The whole purpose of static lighting is to create lightmaps so that the lighting is not being calculated during runtime. Static light are just that, static. If you want to be able to turn them off, you will need to have dynamic lights

Not to wastefully revive an old dead threat but is there a way to switch to a prebaked lightmap and an active one. As in either have a prebaked lights on lighting and then to one that is actively calculated. Since baked light maps are more like a texture than actual light could this be done like a dynamic material?

My goal here is to have baked lights for when the lights are on, and then switch to an unbaked light map, or a different baked light map. Like is there a way to turn the baked lighting into like a material that you can switch to when the lights are on and then switch to run time when they are off?

In my project I have layered stationary lights with static lights to get a good bake on the environment and real time character shadows however Id like to integrate them into a switch,

Probably the only way is light scenario.

The transition of the light scenario is not usable for turning lights off and on again. So I really have no choice but to use dynamic lights? so I probably use IES profiles and disable cast shadow on some lights just to save performance.

Thank you. This thread is very informative.