Turn in place

How to implement something like this:
My NPC roams around, sometimes turns 90 or 180 degrees, etc. The problem is that animations do not blend well when NPC turns, it looks weird, unnatural.
Is there any tut about this?

This is the problem.

Sure, this is about turning animations, but for a player character.
But i didn’t find any video tut for an NPC. Weird.

In other words; there should be at least one video tutorial about this problem. Just one is enough.
This is for UE4 gurus and especially Epic.

Well this is a good start

An NPC though is the same animation it is for a regular player so it’s not the animation BP
that does it right but rather what you are using as a controller. In the case of an NPC good guess is an AI logic tree so what you would be looking for is making an AI controller. Just go to Youtube and search Unreal 4 AI controller.

Could also be that the camera rotation is locked.


Capsule rotation is to slow if you are making your tun at the capsule root

Best pratice would be if you could provide a sample file.