Turn Based Strategy RPG Sandbox

I’m developing a turn based strategy RPG sandbox. I take a lot from the Age of Wonders series.

What is my game like?
You can build your empire, build big armies and fight with them against opponents to conquer the land. There are a lot races and subraces to choose from. You can for example play as an evil human lord which summons demons from blood of his slain enemies, tankdriving dwarfs, forest elven who won’t let anyone destroy or enter their woods or Barbarians which destroy every city in their way for loot.

There are heroes for every race. They are stronger than normal units and you only can have one of a kind on the field. They take a lot of resources and a long time to acquire and can give you the edge in combat.

Every race has strengths and weaknesses. Some are better in ranged combat, some are better in close combat with a lot of armor. There are races who dominate in magic and some can alter their surroundings. You need to build alliances to cover your weaknesses.

The game is intended to be a sandbox, where players can build their own stories. I, for example, want to see modders rebuilding the world of a Final Fantasy and play as the heroes against the dungeonmaster who is playing the evil force and monsters.

Why am I doing that?
A friend of mine has been modding AoW2 since it was released. We still play AoW2 and it’s one of the best Games I’ve ever played. I even got my own subrace, with my voiceacting for the mainhero.
Then Age of Wonders 3 came out and we wondered (hah) if it would be as modable as AoW2, but no luck. They mentioned “modding” but they never added real modding support. I joked about making my own AoW, but I didn’t start, because I was all alone.
Then the Unreal Engine got free. I had some models laying around (not my models and they are 100% just placeholders) and I had no excuse to not at least try working on it.
I started 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty far for just 2 weeks. The blueprint system helped me a lot to achieve this. Now I look at an almost finished working battlesystem.

I post my progress on youtube. An alphabuild would be ready to play, but I can’t release it because of the models. I’ll work on standard units if I completed the battlesystem.

PS: I made some mistakes when I created the last thread. I deleted the old thread and fixed it with this. Sorry for the “repost”.

How goes your game? I would like to try out what you have so far or see more videos. I want to create an FFtactics like game with more of a war type strategy element.

I am not sure if they are still working on this project. I sent them a PM because I was interested in how they constructed their game since I am working on something similar but never got a response.

Hey, indeed this project is on hold, but only because I worked on this alone… and here was nobody to support me with this.

Indeed, this project is on hold. Mainly because I was working alone and nobody was there to support me. When I have more time and demand I will continue developing or even collaborating a similar project.

I’m working on this project again and I’m making good progess! I wanted to finish the battlesystem first but now I almost finished the basic worldmap system in addition to the battlesystem. I came up with a battlemanager, that allows multiple tactic battles in one round. If you have vision on the area of a battle you can watch it or do whatever you want. Tacticmaps are based on the surfacetype of the worldmap-landscape and are dynamically instanced. When a battle starts there will be a deployment phase where you can place your units on defined areas, divided into attackers/defenders/independents.
The new modifier system hooks into every aspect Of the battle. These can add damage to attacks when some requirements are met, like “Dragonkiller” or adds some resource when killing certain unittypes, like “Bonecollector”.
Everything is very modfriendly, just download my modproject, create a child from something you want to add/change, add you blueprint logic,cook it and share the pak file. The game loads the added stuff automatically.