Turn Based Strategy iOS Game

Project Title:

Captain to Bridge


**A turn-based strategy PvP game with a brightly colored sci-fi aesthetic, think TRON meets CyberPunk. **


  • Top-down turn-based strategy.

  • Science Fiction

  • Multiplayer

  • No pay to win mechanics

  • Deep tactical combat system

  • Cosmetic Microtransactions

Team Structure:

  • Kyle (Project Creator)

    • Project Management 4 Years

    • Games Industry Marketing/Sales 4 Years

        • Blizzard/Twitch/IGN

Previous Work:

This would be my first game project.

Talent Required: [Can work remotely]

  • Programmers [Multiplayer, Networking, UI]

  • Artists/Level Designer

    • Need Designer/Animator

    • Need Environmental Artist

  • Sound Design


E-mail: MySideProjectEmail[AT]gmail.com

I’m an illustrator/concept artist
Here it’s my portfolio ArtStation - Adrian Regalado
Here it’s my email adrianregaladoart@gmail.com
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Adrian Regalado

Hi, I sent you an email.

Bumping for eyeballs.

Another bump. Need programmer.

Bumping again. Need a programmer.

I would join, I know almost anything but networking no.