Turn based shooter template

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m working on extending the Top Down Template to feature some turn based shooter gameplay. I’m basing this on the PS3 (and recently PC) game Valkyria Chronicles, one of my favorites. I hear its similar to XCOM, but since that one is still on my backlog (shame on me), I don’t know how similar it is to XCOM. Anyway, check out this video of the work in progress!

The gameplay is based on taking turns and shooting each other. In one turn you have limited movement, you can fire your entire clip once and then spend your remaining movement to get safe. In the final version, idle characters will fire on any walking character in range. Check out the game I based it on here:

My goal is to create a good example of how to handle turn based gameplay with Unreal Engine, using:

  • Task blueprints that contain logic and are executed in sequence in the order they are spawned. Within a task, you can spawn other tasks that will be performed after the current. The idea is: whenever you want something to happen in sequence, put the logic in a task blueprint.
  • Input processing and character movement inside Task blueprints, rather than Pawn or Controller.

When its done, I will be sharing my project files for this for free. I hope you guys like it. :slight_smile:

Added health, damage and scrolling combat text and started setting things up for AI:

  • Bots now shoot a random player unit in line of sight at the end of their turn
  • First all player units get a turn, then all bots get a turn
  • When any unit is moving during his turn, nearby enemy units turn slowly to face it… next I will make passive units fire at the active unit, no tresspassing!

Very cool! Reminds me of Worms 3D and Hogs of War. Just need to get some bazookas and destructible terrain in :slight_smile:

Hey! Looks cool. It is not really X-Com-like without a grid and those discrete covers. And I’ve never played Valkyria Chronicles but I like the idea.