Turn based RPG using UE4 nav mesh?

Hello everyone.

Working on prototype of my turn based rpg, right I have come to development sprint, where I want to create combat system.

Actually I really like how Larian did their combat system in Divinity: Original sin.

Built-in UE4’s Nav Mesh is pretty nice, so I really would like to use that as a base.

But, my problem is following - I can’t find/understand how can I make “action-points” system based on Nav Mesh. Lets say I can move to the certain point on map, while in combat, and it should cost me 5 points(usually count of grid cells we have walked through), but is there a way to have that with Nav Mesh?

And the second problem I met, is there a way to drow “path line” to the point on navmesh? In Unity I would use line renderer for that, but what is suitable for that in UE4.

I really would not like to implement custom A* myself, it would take a ton of time.

I also would not like to buy any existent solution from Marketplace, as such things usually have almost all, but not.

Thanks a lot for your response.

It would take some playing around with, but you could set a distance in UE4 units to match a radius of what one AP should move you (character location to cursor position as the calculation). So up to 1000 UE4 units costs 1AP, 1000-2000 costs 2AP, etc and then actions or skills are fairly easy to apply a cost to.

As for drawing a line, should get you started.