turn based game with google play service possible ?

Hey, did anyone try a turn based game with google play service?


is that possible in blueprint ? cant find any subject on this

Hi skeleton60,

Turn-based Game Play Games support is not in at this time; only leaderboards and achievements.

Ok because i saw some blueprint function with session join/create/search and some turn based thing in session categorie, this will be function used in the future?

what about Real-time MP?

you ask for info or you suggest me to use real-time that is possible in blueprint?

I ask for Chris from EPIC :slight_smile:

Hi iRYO400,

No, realtime multiplayer using Google Play Games is not supported yet.

Do you mean, it doesn’t support via blueprint? If I’ll make with C++? Is it possible!?

With my little brain i would say we cant do it in c++ since google use java code

but my brain is probably wrong as usual

edit: we may do something in java then use a thing called wrapper so we can call java function in c++ if i understand :x

At the official website there are tutorials for C++ and Java. Look at the Clients implementation. Real-time Multiplayer  |  Play Games Services  |  Google Developers

You can always add support yourself in C++ and Java if you want; the full sources are available on GitHub.

how is it “add support in JAVA”? I thought that UE4 supports only C++. can you please give links about Java in UE4 :slight_smile: