Turn Based Battle System

I started working on a turn based battle game a few months back, and decided to build it in a way that I could release the blueprints as a kit. After a few back and forth emails epic eventually decided not to put it in the marketplace - I think they weren’t happy with the overall build quality or something. I’ve set aside time to do some ue4 work in the next few weeks, and would like to see if anyone is interested in this, to decide if I’ll work on improving it to sell on the marketplace.
Any feedback welcome, thanks


yay this is what i was looking for if you could get it on the market place i would buy it or not if you could do a tut on how you did it

I am working on it and will try to post something within the next week or two

Sorry for the delay with this, I’ve finally managed to get something up here:
Any feedback is greatly appreciated

Are you looking for something like this for battle system?