Turn Based Attack Combos Using Widgets

I’m working on a simple turn based martial arts game. When you meet an opponent, the game pauses and shows you an attack menu; next, you select an attack, the game unpauses and your character performs the attack. So far, so good. Now, I want to add the option to input up to five attacks in that menu, and have your character perform that sequence of attacks after the game unpauses. I know I can do this by creating animation sequences for every possible attack combo, but that would mean making hundreds of animations and I’m sure there’s more efficient way. Hopefully I’ve been clear. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hey @JasperAdams, welcome to the Unreal Community!
My best guess at this would be to use Blend Spaces, which can layer your animations on the same skeletal rig. You would just need to make all the moves individually then, and the Blend Space should allow all of these to come together.
Here’s a quick start:

I hope this can help!