Turn Around whilst run

I asked this before, but this time I include a video for people to actually get what I try to achieve.
Basically I want this:
Note: this video is from a real game, not from the Unreal Engine.

I want my character to be able to turn around like this one, but it should depend on which direction is pressed.
I want the animation only to trigger when I press the direction that is the inverted one of which the character is facing atm.

Any help with that? And any help that does not just tell me about a single node called Dot Products? I am really not into something like that kind of maths :frowning:

For the player controlled character, there’s a node called “Get Last Movement Input Vector”. You need to call it every tick (might want to normalize it) and compare it to the last frame’s input vector. You can use the branch node to check which components of the vector have changed since the last frame. Then assign the current input vector to a “Last Frame” variable so that you can compare it in the next tick. In your anim network you’ll need to setup some rules that control the transition.