"Turbosquid" for game developers? Advice needed!

Short version:
I want to build marketplace that would contain PBR(physically based rendering) content only. Nothing else. Just PBR.

Long version:
How about having a marketplace focused on game development content only?
Or categorized for the niche it made for (casual, FPS, top-view, platformers, etc)?
How about having options and features like Substance, DDO, PSD sources and LOD`s availability?
How about upload via dropbox, googledrive, etc and versioning, storage services?

Some thoughts:

It looks like dramatic shift in content quality happening by introduction of physically based rendering (PBR), thanks to UE, Unity and others.
Step into some kind of standardization of the models.
Good quality for real-time graphics are rare on public marketplaces and close to nothing you can find for PBR with correct gloss\roughness\smoothness\metallic maps.
Unreal doing great job and their quality bar are high to be published in the marketplace.
Existing well known portals (turbosquid and alike) don`t have anything offer in that regard. Only few marketplaces like unity or unreal have valuable assets.

I seek for your opinion and advice whether it make sense to build another stock platform for game development purposes or it is doesn`t make sense and value for community.