Tuple.h error initializing: cannot convert from T to InValueType

So i have a map:

TMap<TSubclassOf<class ABaseTank>, int32> killcountByTankType;

The add Value function looks like this:

if (!killcountByTankType.Contains(tankType))
		killcountByTankType.Emplace(tankType, 1);
		killcountByTankType.Emplace(tankType, killcountByTankType.Find(tankType) + 1);

This does not compile and i get the error that i put in the question but i don’t understand why. Here is a complete log

I think the error lies in the “killcountByTankType.find(tankType)”. This function returns a TSubclassOf pointer in which you attempt to add an integer, however your map’s values expect an integer type.
For more information see Line 291 of Map.h at UE’s source code. (You must be registered with Epic to see the provided link)

Oh yes it returns a int32* so i had to write * killcountByTankType.find… Thanks