Tunnel Test

Hey all,

this is just an experiment test trying to get the render to file “movie” feature working.

I’m posting this because I have an issue, and that it’s dropping one of the materials (which is a material that ships with the engine) that is dropping out when I make the movie.

when I’m in PIE or Simulating it’s fine, this only happens when I use the make movie feature in Matinee.

it’s important to note, that not all the materials on the ship drop out, the windows in the front keep the gold material, and the walls of the tunnel use a copy of that material that I changed the tiled variables on. it’s just on that model which admittedly isn’t a game asset, but one of my lower poly models (~60k tri’s and isn’t fully UV’d yet and was built in Lightwave back around 2005 converted over to Max the other day:P so yeah it’s a bit of a mess and I fully expect that to be the issue)

other than that all other meshes in the scene are static, where as the ship is skeletal which also may be an issue. All the materials were applied and saved numerous times since this problem was noticed. No joy.

Thanks and much appreciated in advance.