Tuning Cars Kit

Hey All

Tuning Cars Kit - Full Tuning Cars Asset - Released
**Available now on the Unreal Marketplace: **
Link Video:

Looks nice. Is anyone tried tuning cars kit? It looks promising car package, where is somekind of workshop etc. Consider about package, but also think that is it easy to add own cars to this tuning system. I have my own cars, which i would include to this tuning/workshop system and tracks also. Need anymore good AI.

Yes! So you can add your car without problems, as well as components

Nice have to buy this soon and add few own cars

Thanks, Maybe You’re Right =)

Hope new package coming soon

Hope this guy can someday also get some working Car AI also, because no other can do it. And can’t wait new package for this guy. Hope it contain more tuning and stuff what good car game needs

This is now for very good discount -40%, Hope guys buy this that developer continue working with this kind of car package. Many have wanted them and now there is one good package hope global full asset is coming soon. I want more cars and maybe someday some AI, but working that also alone

This looks package but there is few main problems. First if I do my own maps (snowmap) and then try to play Canyons bonus map there is my snow map stuff in Canyons map, strange. But it would be done that way that i can easily do my own maps and select from them. I don’t know is it because Canyons is Sub-level.
Also when try to test for example demonstration map in editor, unreal don’t crash, but Unreak Engine didn’t Respond. Good looking package, but many little things that frustrate, because sometime you need start engine many times that you can test project

When is new package Advanced tuning cars coming to marketplace? it looks great

There seems to be issues with the 4.15.1 release. First, when you click start on the Canyons map, the car falls through the map. Once I get the car back on the road by moving the whole scene to catch the car, the car does not move. It will play engine sounds, change gears, turn the wheels, wheels even accel, however, it does not move the vehicle. As for the garage map, as I seen from your videos, the car should be able to be tuned, however, it will go into drive mode and again, car does not move. Also, check Error Messages, there are things in there that need to be addressed. As it stands the 4.15 release is broken and unfinished (which is a no-no for marketplace content).