TS Tools help - Objects importing at wrong scale

Hi all,

Ive been trying to use tom shannons unreal exporter for 3ds max and regardless of the units setup the models are importing into ue4 around 10 times larger than they are in reality and more often then not the position is incorrect also but if i scale down the objects in unreal they get smaller but the spacing between them stays as if they are the larger model meaning things that are meant to be next to each other are very far apart when i paste in the placement code it generates.
Can someone talk me through a method that they know/use, of exporting/importing that works? The models i have are build to real world scale in millimeters.

I would really appreciate any and all help.


Work in centimeters.

I have the system units set up in cm as well as the fbx export units. This problem doesnt happen if i manually export each fbx, only when i batch export. funnily enough its not only this batch exporter that does this. ive tried others and they do the same thing.

The only way im managing to get the correct size is if i change system units to cm, rescale the world units to 0.1 scale factor and then export. Which seems crazy.