Trying to use Widget Blueprint to create an enemy displaying radar

I am trying to use a Widget Blueprint to create an enemy displaying radar. I can move an enemy icon around with “set render translation” and I can do a “for each” over all enemies, but the picture is only drawn at the final location of the loop. So I guess I need to create some kind of instance of the picture and move that. I am trying to do that, but I do not see any results. I checked the variables and it active, but I suspect that the Construct Image thing either creates the picture in the wrong area/context or the is no picture assigned to the layer.

Anybody any idea on how to do this? And how to do this efficiently? I mean I could make 30 or so picture layers and move them for each enemy on the radar and set the rest invisible, but that seems like a waste of resources.


No idea if this is efficient, but here is why it didn’t work for you. You get the actor of class, but only one actor of that class exists. You need to spawn them.


Thank you, this was very helpful!
I decided to go for the second option for now, because I am pretty sure it will be overall performance cheaper (and simpler).