Trying to use shared font library gfxfontlib.swf: Warning, Failed to load 'Font None.Palatino'...

Edit: Posting the solution at the top for anyone in the future who might run into this issue. The thing no one tells you is that you cannot have a mix of embedded and imported fonts. A single embedded font will destroy all your imported fonts. Also, some fonts will just work, and some won’t. I have not found any reason for this. If it looks like font embedding is not working, try a different font. Some common fonts that work for me are Times New Roman, Palatino Linotype, Tahoma, and Bitstream Vera Sans. If you can get one of those to work, then you’re doing it right.

I made two fla files named fonts_en.fla and gfxfontlib.fla. fonts_en.fla contains nothing in its library, but on its stage it has some text boxes filled with the glyphs in the fonts I want to use. One of them is Palatino Linotype. gfxfontlib.fla contains nothing on its stage, but its library contains several fonts that I export for runtime sharing. One of them is Palatino Linotype, which I named $Palatino in the font embedding window. From those fla files, I published fonts_en.swf and gfxfontlib.swf. I imported both into the editor.

In my game’s folder, RPGTac, I have Localization\INT, which contains the file That file contains these lines:


Palatino=Palatino Linotype

I copied Localization\INT\ to Localization\ENG\GFxUI.eng, leaving all the content the same.

I created another fla file, MainMenu.fla. I went to gfxfontlib’s library, copied the Palatino font which I had exported for runtime sharing under the name $Palatino, and pasted it into MainMenu’s library, where it has the name $Palatino and it is imported for runtime sharing from the file gfxfontlib.swf. MainMenu contains some buttons and text fields that use the $Palatino* font. I published MainMenu.swf in the same folder as gfxfontlib.swf and imported it into my game’s editor.

When I open the MainMenu swfMovie in my game, all of the buttons that use Palatino show up with boxes instead of letters. The log is full of these messages:

Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Font None.Palatino': Failed to find object 'Font None.Palatino'

Any idea what’s going wrong here?

I’m still working on this. Just to see if I had somehow messed something up in my own UE3, I reinstalled UDK and I’m trying this out in there. I’m finding that there are some fonts that will embed and some that won’t. And I can only get them to work if they’re in UDKFonts\gfxfontlib.swf, even if I try entering my own font libraries in Maybe there’s something in the ancient gfxfontlib.fla that doesn’t get written in a file made new by Adobe Animate. I don’t know. I’ll see what I can figure out.

Edit: I think you cannot import/export a font using its actual name. Like you can’t export $Georgia to represent the Georgia font.

Edit: Open Type and True Type formats are irrelevant. Some of both work and some of both fail. Roman-character-only is irrelevant. I have some Roman fonts that work and some that fail, and some multilingual fonts that work and some that fail. Specifying style is irrelevant. Still no rhyme or reason. (Webdings works though!) But still the only embedded fonts that work come from the included UDKFonts files that I’m editing. I still can’t make my own font libraries de novo.

Anyone else want to experiment on this? Can you export these fonts from gfxfontlib and import them into another movie that plays in-game? Ringbearer, Yu Gothic UI, and 小塚明朝 Pr6N.

Edit: I think I found another important gotcha. You cannot have a mix of imported and embedded fonts in the same movie. If you have any embedded fonts, none of your imported fonts will work. Maybe this is what was causing all the problems for me earlier. Just now I was working with an fla file with embedded fonts, and everything was going fine. And then I changed something, and suddenly all the imported fonts broke. I couldn’t imagine what I had done to break. I went back to look at my fonts, and I discovered that a symbol I had copied into the library brought an embedded font along with it. I deleted the embedded font and all the imported fonts worked again.