Trying to use Savior Auto-Save Plugin 2, "Help"

Yes that works, but you can also simply open the level without loading any slot.

Okay, I do not load except from the MainMenu’s Load Game Button. Is that causing an issue? I save once the WorldMap is opened on Begin Play. The problem I am having is, using the New Slot Inst. is not resetting values. So I tried to use Delete Slots File (.sav) and watch it be removed from the save file in the games folder. But it does not reset old values once saved again (new first time). What am I doing wrong? How do I wipe all .sav data when Start New Game is clicked? Thanks

Okay sorry again, it was my own vars not resetting. Had to set them back to default on Start New Game. All is good I hope. I promise to stop asking questions now… :slight_smile: