Trying to target anim from an imported FBX on to static meshes I have lookDev'd from scratch in UE4

Hi, I’m new to Unreal and maybe I’m not tackling this the right away but here goes.

  1. imported an FBX of a car to Unreal (no animation)
  2. It comes in as separate static meshes as I expected
  3. Assigned newly created Materials in unreal to car static meshes and it’s working fine.

*Now here’s the part I’m stumped on…

  1. I animate that same car hierarchy in Maya, bake out the animation and export FBX.
  2. Import animated car fbx into Unreal
  3. It brings in 4 new nodes to the Content Browser:Car Skeletal Mesh, Car Anim Sequence, Car Physics Asset, and a skeleton
  4. Verified that car is animated after dropping anim sequence on to the car skeletal mesh. playback is animated.

Here’s the big question…

How do I target my animation on to my lookdev’d car from step #3?

I’m probably over complicating this, maybe there’s a better way.

I found a work around. My initial lookdev’d car did not have a skeleton mash. I re-imported it, re-assigned materials and now when I drag fbx animations on it the new
animation gets inherited.

Was going to say. Not sure what it is you are doing but cars and anything that uses animations is usually a skeletal mesh.