Trying to switch footstep sounds from ground to air.

I know it sounds weird, but I am trying to make it so when I am in “Jet pack Mode”, it plays the jet pack sounds on movement keys. When back in normal mode (walking on the ground) would like regular footstep sounds. I know you can change footstep sounds depending on material, but what about air? Thanks if anyone can help.

I can try that. One problem though, how do you say, when overlapped, and WASD pushed makes this noise? Keys don’t have a beginning node connection, they are the beginning of a node connection. Thanks

Okay, so I did the trigger overlapping audio, but if you are not moving, it doesn’t make sense. It plays continuously while in the trigger area on looping, and plays only once entering the trigger area when looping off. Does not play when you move.

So I guess my restated question would be, how do I make WASD do something different after hitting F key to enter “Fly Mode”? How do I apply WASD keys after the F key node? Can I even map 2 of the same keys to do 2 different things?

One way could be to do it via trigger volumes. You could set it up such that if the character is on the ground/overlapping a trigger volume on the floor then play footsteps sounds when pressing arrow keys. Then when the player is no longer overlapping the trigger you could play the jet pack sounds.

You could try using bool variables to act as switches - so if W is pressed, set a bool ‘MyWBool’ to true. And when it’s not pressed set it to false. Then you could do something similar with the trigger box - if the actor has entered the trigger box set ‘MyTriggerBool’ to true, and when you leave the trigger set it to false.

Then all you have to do is check every frame(tick) if the W key is pressed and if the player is in the trigger box (branch node) and if both are true then you can play your footsteps sound. If it’s not true then don’t play/stop playing the sound.

If you hit the F key and go into fly mode do you start hovering above the ground? If so then the above applies as you could have a trigger box just covering the floor so when your feet leave the ground it will set ‘MyTriggerBool’ to false and so pressing the W key won’t play the footstep sound.

So I ended up just making a basic jet pack trigger with a single key instead of movement keys. I just change modes with one key and fire the jet pack with another.