Trying to "swap models in game" need Help

Trying to set up {by pressing a button it will cause a model to cycle to another model} Can’t seem to get it to work
Can Someone Help or point me in the right direction
it would be much appreciated

You’ll need to provide a bit more information.

C++? Blueprint? Static Mesh? Skeletal Mesh? With/without animations?

In general, you want to build a separate Pawn class for each character, because they all animate and react a bit different.
Then, you want each of your Pawns to implement an interface that defines the functions you use between your Player Controller and your Pawn.
Then, in the player controller, when you get the controlled Pawn, you extract this interface from the controlled pawn, and use that to talk to the Pawn.

Now, when this is implemented, you can easily swap characters by un-spawning the current pawn, and spawning and possessing a new Pawn instance, without losing player state, because all player state lives in the player controller. (That’s the beauty of this separation!)

You could also use a shared superclass instead of an interface: Pawn -> SharedSuperClass -> [Each Pawn Class] And then always reference the controlled pawn by the superclass. I tend to dislike deep inheritance chains, so I think the interface is better.

I have Sonic Dash Engine Framework on my PC. And I can’t swap Adventure Sonic with Classic Sonic in Unreal Engine 4.24.