Trying to store location in vector, not working

Make sure Used defaults value is false, try a SetActor location instead of teleport also.


Long story short I have an idea for the level blueprint to store the location an object is at when a button is pressed, and then teleport the box to the last location it was pressed. The whole blueprint is fine as a whole, it’s the storing the locations in a variable part that is troubling me. I have tried using a transform variable then breaking the variable for the location (I don’t need rotation or scale for teleportation) and also storing the location in a vector. Neither have worked.

Please assist.


I would check to see when the Used boolean is set to true/false and see if that affects whether the variable is stored. May also want to throw some print strings onto the old location/new location and see if those are outputting and make sense. Otherwise the blueprint and the gate look good…you could also throw a print string onto the overlappedactor part of actorbeginoverlap to see if that triggerbox is triggering correctly.

Hope this helps!