Trying to spawn after all objects are gone

I’ve been at this for a few days now. I’m creating a pinball game and want a multi ball feature. Basically after you hit a multiplier number, in my case x3, it spawns an extra ball into play so you have 2 balls on the table at once. I can get the ball to spawn fine but when the original ball get’s destroyed first followed by the extra ball a new ball doesn’t spawn to start the next round. But when the bonus ball gets destroyed first it spawns the ball for the next round in the launcher while the current ball is in play. Does that make sense? What I need is when a ball gets destroyed to check and see how many balls are left on the table. If there is 1 or more then don’t spawn if there are 0 then spawn but I need it to keep checking with each ball destroyed. How can I do this? This is how I have it set up currently. I’ve since deleted the Bonus ball and tried just creating it from a regular ball. Still no luck. BP_Ball is the ball blueprint.

The way you setup the binding is very weird.
Why are you passing the “Destroyed Actor” parameter to the binding?

Can I see the previous part before the binding?

Last Index == 0 means that there is one ball found, the array has 1 member at index 0. So you’re saying, if one ball is left, spawn another one.

Try using one of the following:

IsValidIndex 0

Length > 0

These will mean there is at least 1 ball on the table, so you’ll want to use the false pin to spawn the next ball.